Sunday, October 17, 2004

This morning I managed to successfully dye two gigantic pieces of felt. The dye vats were being so wonderful for me today, giving me the exact colours I wanted. I have finally gotten over my fear of dyeing wool and have perfected acid dye techniques without much of a screw-up. I love how quickly wool accepts dye. It just sucks it right up!

One of the really cool things about felting this morning was how the purple piece of felt turned out. I was originally trying to make a long piece of yardage sandwiching a layer of cheesecloth in between two layers of fleece, hoping that the fleece would pucker through the open weave of the cheesecloth. I don't know if it was because I wasn't that patient, but it just wouldn't felt together and started to split apart. Now, I'm not one to get discouraged so quickly into a process because I believe in letting the materials work for you--minimal involvement is sometimes really effective. Tired of hand felting, I threw it into the clothes dryer for about a half hour. When I pulled it out, I ended up with this fabulous piece of felt. The dye process, while somewhat uneven due to the fact that I didn't mix the red and blue dyes that well, enhanced the irregularities of the felt. When I hung it up on the drying rack I noticed that a huge pouch had formed within the felt. There is so much going on in that one piece that I'm overwhelmed! Originally it was going to be used as yardage to cut into monsters but now that I've taken a few steps back I realize how great it is on its own. Felting,'s so exciting!

Later this week I'm developing wooden frames for new sculptures. There will be a lot of technical stuff to fiddle with but in the end it's going to be fantastic. I need to purchase more fleece so I can felt my way into the future! Woo!

But in the meantime, I have to head to a drapery seminar being held at the fabric store I work at. I'm totally not amused with going. Thankfully, I was invited out to a poetry reading at The New Gallery so I can leave early. Going to work when you don't need to really sucks. I'm going to take any excuse I can get if it means I can get out of going. Sigh.


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